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Highlights of Persia,From city to desert

Cultural sightseeings around Iran while experiencing desert entertainments

Tehran-Shiraz-Yazd-Isfahan-Matin Abad-Kashan-Tehran

Tour Overview

In This tour,we explore important cultural cities of Iran while experiencing the unique stay in an Eco camp in Matin Abad desert. It would be an amazing choice for your trip to Iran. You will discover the history and the stories behind by choosing this tour. You will be amazed by visiting the UNESCO World heritage sites remained from Achaemenid Empire, while you can touch the Iranians culture in Shiraz. You visit the architectural wonders in Isfahan and Yazd, and won’t miss the tiny city of Kashan. Tehran as the symbol of modernization will be the last destination in this tour. Also, we will let you create the memorable moments for your trip to Iran according your tastes and desires by clicking on Tailor-made Tours.


  • Visiting 6 UNESCO World Heritage sites in different cities.
  • Experience a memorable journey to desert and stay in an eco camp watching the starry night sky.
  • Amazed by the charming architecture of Vakil Mosque in Shiraz.
  • Listening the astonishing poems of Hafez, the inspiring Persian poet.
  • Visiting the Pasargadae, the tomb of Cyrus the Great, the righteous Persian king.
  • Visiting peaceful Jame Mosque of Isfahan.
Shiraz Nasir al mulk mosque
Shiraz Nasir al mulk mosque Shiraz Persepolis Yazd Zoroastrian fire temple Isfahan Shah mosque Matin abad eco camp Kashan bazar
Travel Itinerary
Day 1 - Arrive Tehran

Welcome to Tehran. The tour will be started by visiting our representative at the airport who comes to welcome you and Transfer to your Hotel. As most of flights will arrive at midnight then you will have a Short Sleep. Stay overnight at your hotel in Tehran.

Day 2 - Flight to Shiraz

In the morning After breakfast we go to Mehrabad Airport to fly to Shiraz the cultural capital of Iran. After checking in hotel the city sightseeing will be started. The first point is Karimkhan Zand Citadel which is called Arg-e Karimkhan too. Then we visit Eram Garden which is one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran and known as colorful paradise. After that you visit Hafez Tomb who was one of the greatest Persian poets who inspired many great poets in the world. Stay overnight at your hotel in Shiraz.

Day 3 - Shiraz Sightseeing

After breakfast we leave the hotel to not lose the choice of taking colorful photos in Pink Mosque(Nasir all Mulk Mosque).This pleasant mosque was built by a creative architect in Qajar era and is a masterpiece of interior designing and shows you the combination of light and colors on its glasses. We move towards to visit Vakil Complex(Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bath and Vakil Bazar )which were built by the command of Karimkhan King in Zandieh dynasty and are one of the important Shiraz attractions. We go for lunch in a traditional restaurant. Then you visit the beautiful Narenjestane Ghavam Pavilion which is a historical house dating back to Qajar era. In the evening we go to Shahcheragh Holy Shrine and enjoy its spiritual atmosphere. Stay overnight at your hotel in Shiraz.

Day 4 - UNESCO World Heritage sites and Yazd

Today you visit the most fantastic historical sites in Iran which were registered in UNESCO Heritage sites list and will show you a great portion of Persians history and finest cases of Achaemenians in 500 B.C. The first site is Persepolis the ceremonial capital of Achaemenians Empire located 60km out of Shiraz City. Then we move towards Naghsh-e Rostam and then we go to Pasargadae which was founded by Cyrus The Great. Then continue the way to Yazd City. Stay overnight at your hotel in Yazd.

Day 5 -Yazd Sightseeing

Here is the city of clay and wind-catchers which was recently registered in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. In the morning the city sightseeing will be started by visiting some Yazd historical attractions. The first site is Amir Chakhmaq Complex which includes a mosque and a bath and one Tekyeh. After that you visit Water Museum and know how Iranians save water in such a dry city by their creativity. The next attraction in Yazd is Jame Mosque of Yazd which is one of the most amazing mosques in Iran dating back to Ilkhanid Dynasty. Then we will walk in Fahadan area and discover Yazd Old town area. The architectural style of the old houses will amaze you. You visit Alexandre’s Prison too. Stay overnight at your hotel in Yazd.

Day 6 -Yazd Sightseeing

Today we continue visiting other Yazd attractions. The day will be started by going to Zoroastrian Fire Temple which is a holy place for worship of Zoroastrians and they believe that fire remained alive from past centuries. Then you visit Towers of Silence which is a circular building that Zoroastrians buried their dead bodies. In the evening you go to Dowlat Abad Garden which is one of the Persian gardens which were registered in UNESCO World Heritage list. People of Yazd gather together at nights in this beautiful garden which has the tallest wind catcher in Yazd. Stay overnight at your hotel in Yazd.

Day 7- Drive to Isfahan

In the morning we drive to Isfahan the city of architecture and known as “Half the World”.We will receive there in the afternoon and after checking in hotel and have lunch you rest a bit. In the evening we go to Isfahan Bazar to buy some handicrafts of Isfahani people. As you know Isfahan is the home to many artists for centuries. At night we walk on 2 famous historical bridges on Zayande rood river Si o se Pol (33 bridges) and Khaju bridge where you can meet local people gathering and singing together. Stay overnight at your hotel in Isfahan.

Day 8- Isfahan Sightseeing

Today you visit some incredible famous monuments belonged to Safavid Dynasty in Isfahan. Naghshe Jahan Square which was artistically designed and built by the command of Shah Abbas and surrounded by 4 important monuments. The first one is Imam(Shah)Mosque which catches the eyes with its wonderful blue dome. The second one is Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque which known as Ladies Mosque and attracts people due to its gentle interior designing.The next monument is Ali Qapu Palace which was a building for the king and his family who watched the army parading around the square. The last site is Qeysarie Gate which is located just in opposite side of Shah Mosque. We have lunch in a traditional restaurant and after that you visit Chehelsotoon Palace which is located in center of a garden at the end of a long pool. At the end we go for visiting Jame Mosque of Isfahan which is one of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Stay overnight at your hotel in Isfahan.

Day 9- Matin Abad Desert

Today we have an exciting day .The day will begin by walking in Jolfa district the home to Armenians and visit Vank Cathedral and have lunch in a modern restaurant near that. Then we prepare to go to Matin Abad desert to enjoy staying in an Eco-camp with standard facilities. In the evening we receive and we can watch the beautiful sunset in desert. It is a wonderful choice for taking photos. Also you can experience Desert Entertainments such as Safari and biking in sand dunes and Camel riding. There is an organic farm which you can taste its products. It would be an amazing journey. Stay overnight at Matin Abad Eco Camp.

Day 10 - Kashan Sightseeing

Imagine starting the day with a unique landscape. Watching sun rises in the desert is a wonderful experience. To not lose this scene you have to walk early in the morning. After having lunch you leave the desert behind with its unforgettable memories and drive towards Kashan. You visit Fin Garden which is a beautiful garden includes a bath and AmirKabir one of the most famous chancellor of Qajar Dynasty was murdered under the command of the king. Then you continue to Kashan city and after walking in Kashan Bazar You visit Boroujerdi Historical house. Stay overnight at a traditional hotel in Kashan.

Day 11 - Tehran Sightseeing

We drive to Tehran the capital city of Iran. The sightseeing is in northern part of Tehran. After lunch in Darband area you visit Sa’ad Abad Palace which is located in the foot of Alborz mountains belonged to Qajar era and is a great place to become more familiar with various historical and cultural and artistic aspects of Tehran. Then we can go to Tajrish Bazar where you can meet locals. Stay overnight at your hotel in Tehran.

Day 12 - Tehran Sightseeing

Today is the last day of your tour to Iran. We plan to visit a UNESCO World Heritage site in central area of Tehran. Golestan Palace is a very beautiful monument which includes some halls and buildings full of historical and artistic objects belonged to Qajar era. Visiting Iran National Museum is the next program which makes you be more familiar with Iran culture and history. Then you move towards Jewelry Museum (opens on Sat to Tue) Or Abgineh Museum and then walk in Tehran Grand Bazar to enjoy buying and negotiating with shop keepers. At the night you go to Nature Bridge which connects two large parks and has a big food court to have dinner. It is a monument of modern Tehran .Stay overnight at your hotel in Tehran.

Day 13 - Leave Iran

Depending on your flight time you leave Iran behind.We sure you come back again to our country because Iran and its people made you full of positive energy.

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  • The hotels chosen are the best ones in their categories and will be changed according your interests.
  • The itinerary can be changed depending on your flight schedule.
  • Friday is weekend in Iran and the bazaar is closed.
  • Jewels Museum in Tehran is open on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays from 14:00 - 16:00 o’clock.
  • Hotels accommodations for 13 Nights including breakfast and wifi.
  • English Speaking Guide for all days
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  • Visa obtaining
  • Transportation
  • Entrance fees of sites
  • International Flight
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