Iran visa

Iran Visa

There are some different ways to obtain Iran Visa.Iranista Visa Department will help you to obtain Touristy visa and get the” Authorization Code” from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The first step is to fill out the form bellow.We will check the data received and ask you to send us your passport and profile pictures.After that,we apply for your visa.It lasts 5 to 7 working days to receive the code from the ministry.Then you can easily go to an embassy of Iran in your country or come here to stamp your visa at the airport.
The size of pictures would be according the list bellow:
1) A high quality colored scan applier passport:
● It should be in JPG or JPEG format.
● It should be Horizental.
● The resolution should be 800 (minimum width) at 600 (minimum height) pixels.
2) A high quality coloured personnel(profile) picture:
● It should be in JPG or JPEG format.
● It should be Vertical.
● The resolution should be 400 (minimum width) at 600 (minimum height) pixels.

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