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A rich culture, warm-hearted people and Magical Landscapes are waiting for all people around world in Iran.The vast country which is full of wonders from north to south and from east to west.All travellers who decide to travel to Iran,needs a guide to know where and how to go around.If you are one of those who love to explore this country and needs help,we embrace you enthusiastically.IRANISTA ,Iran tour operator,will be your attendant from the first moment until the last second.Our team ,including best travel specialists in Iran,help and guide you in all aspects of travel such as Visa Obtaining,Accomodation booking,Domestic Transportation and so on.Also,you can take a look at our pre-planned tour packages to find which suits you best.If you won't find your favorite,You can contact us directly or you can fill out the form of "Tailor Made" to let us know your preffered options with specified budget.Tailor Made

Tailor Made

Visit The most important historical sites in Isfahan


Just click on these tours.These are the most popular ones among our passengers in last month.


Visit The most important historical sites in central area

8 Day Cultural Tour

The Cultural sightseeings around Iran


Visit The most important historical sites in Shiraz

Qeshm Island

Discovering The unique Islands with warm people


Visit The most important historical sites in Yazd


Visit The most important historical sites in Shiraz

Qeshm Island

Discovering The unique Islands with warm people

Desert Surfing Tours

Surf Amazing Deserts of Central Iran


It's the time to read more about Iran and Iranians.We talk about everything related to Iran in our Journal.You can read some interesting facts about our culture,foods,breathtaking nature,handicrafts,our customs and traditional events .Also,the Journal can be a great guide for helping you to organize your trip in better way,so you can find some useful information about visa,choosing your accommodations,transportations,Touristy sites,...IRANISTA Team try hard to make an efficient space to be useful for the ones who are interested in travelling to Iran.

Tehran International Tourism and Handicrafts Exhibition 2020

Toursim Companies Gathering in Tehran

Abouzeidabad desert
Abouzeidabad desert Kashan

A tranquil desert in Kashan

Vakil Mosque Shiraz
Vakil Complex Shiraz

Complete package of Architecture and Culture

Yalda Night celebration
Yalda Night,joyful Iranians family gathering

Traditional Celebration

Isfahan handicrafts
Isfahan Handicrafts

What to buy as sunvenirs from Isfahan

Iran Group Tours

8 Day Cultural Tour

The Cultural sightseeings around Iran

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1 Day Tehran Must sees

Visit The most important historical sites in central area

View Details
Tehran Northern Palaces

Visit Saadabad and Niavaran Palaces in North and Tajrish Bazar

View Details
14 Day Cultural Tour

Experience Northern, Central & Southern Iran to visit the country's top spots.

View Details
1 Day Shiraz Must sees

Visit The most important historical sites in Shiraz

View Details
Unesco World Heritage sites in Shiraz

A jounney to the deepest parts of the history of Persia Land

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4 Days in Qeshm,Hormuz and Hengam Islands

Discovering The unique Islands with warm people

View Details
Top Holy Churches in Isfahan

Exploring Jolfa quarter and 4 Churches around

View Details
Highlights of Persia,From city to desert

Cultural sightseeings around Iran while experiencing desert entertainments

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1 Day Ski Tour in Tochal Ski Resort

Ski Tour in North of Tehran

View Details
Skiing and Swimming

A unique experience in Shiraz and Kish Island

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From desert to White land

Varzaneh Desert Village

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Frequently Asked Questions Before Traveling to Iran
Is Iran a Safe country to Travel to?

Some travelleres are worried about safety in Iran.They heard some bad news about Iran and its people.Despite the media news,Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East.Previous passengers who travelled to Iran can affirm this issue.Also ,most of tourists were affected by Iranians hospitality.They are known as warm and peaceful people in the world .So,don't worry at all .

How Can I book the Domestic Flight Tickets?

Iran has a long cleared connecting roads which join the majority of its towns and cities. To travel between cities you can choose Flights,Trains,Buses or a private taxi.But It is one of the biggest problems of travellers to buy these tickets.At the moment,there is no online reservation system for foreigners to book the tickets before arriving Iran.So we will let you know how to buy the tickets.For Flight Tickets,You can book them before arrival via a Trusted Travel Agency .Honestly it is the best way.For Train Tickets,You can go directly to railway stations and buy your tickets or you can trust a Travel Agency to help you in advance.Bus Tickets has the same story,you can go directly to Bus Terminals in each city or book it through an agency. .IRANISTA will help you in any way you choose to transport in Iran.

Is it necessary for me to obtain Iran Visa before arrival?

Is it possible to travel to Iran as an Unmarried couple?

Yes,There is no worry for unmarried couples to be in Iran.All accommodations will allow you to stay with your partner without marriage certificate.But please pay attention,Persian couples need to bring their certificate of marriage with their passports to have allowance to stay in one room.If they didn't get married,they have to stay in seperated rooms.

Does any credit card work in Iran?

Unfortunately No! Due to International sanctions against Iran Banking System,all credit cards DON'T work in Iran.All passengers have to bring CASH to spend in Iran.But if you are worried about loosing your money or it is hard to carry too much cash with you all days,you can buy Tourist Cards which is available in International airports.This is a Debit card which can work in ATM machines and in shopping stores all around Iran.You can exchange some amount of your money to be saved as Iranina Rials in this card and use this debit card for your shoppings.

Is it necessary to hire a Guide in Iran?

No,it is not necessary but it is recommended to hire local guides in some cities such as Shiraz and Isfahan and Yazd,because there are so many important historical sites which will be known better if a knowledgeable person accompany you.Also,for visiting Iran deserts it is better not to go there without a leader.According the laws Americans,Canadians and Australians have to hire a guide to be with them all days.For other nationalities there is no need to have a leader.

Is wearing Hijab for women obligatory?

Yes,all women have to wear Hijab according the Islamic rules.But don't worry at all.It's not a hard thing to do.You can do it by wearing Scarf on your head and some loose clothes to have Hijab.Please pay attention that from the first step at the airport you have to wear hijab.

When is the best time to travel to Iran?

You can travel to Iran all seasons but the most favorite months are April,May, Sepetember and October.The summer is hot and the winter is cold and snowy.The Iranian New year starts from 21st of March and it lasts fr 2 weeks.So finding a suitable accommodation is very hard for these weeks.Also,Ramadan Month(the holy month for muslims) is in a low demand because the restaurants are close from morning till evening but you can find great discounts on accommodations.

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