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IRANISTA Tour department prepared some pre-planned tours for different tastes and budgets from North to South and from cities to deserts.These tours categorized in various types.Each of them will be held for 1,2,3 or more numbers of travellers in a group.These tours are suggested common tours and if you can't find your desired plan ,you can easily contact us directly or fill out the form of Tailor-Made to help you organize your trip itinerary in best way you want.Also,if you are just looking for Local Guides to be with you in specified cities don't hesitate to contact us.

Tailor Made
City Sightseeing

Visiting monuments of a city in just 1 day tour

1 Day Tehran Must sees

Visit The most important historical sites in central area

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Tehran Northern Palaces

Visit Saadabad and Niavaran Palaces in North and Tajrish Bazar

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1 Day Shiraz Must sees

Visit The most important historical sites in Shiraz

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Unesco World Heritage sites in Shiraz

A jounney to the deepest parts of the history of Persia Land

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1 Day Isfahan Must sees

Visit The most important historical sites in central area

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Top Holy Churches in Isfahan

Exploring Jolfa quarter and 4 Churches around

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1 Day Yazd Must sees

Visit The most important historical sites in Yazd

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1 Day Kashan Must sees

Visit The most important historical sites in Kashan

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IRAN Wonders

Discover the cultural attractions in Classic routes

8 Day Cultural Tour

The Cultural sightseeings around Iran

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14 Day Cultural Tour

Experience Northern, Central & Southern Iran to visit the country's top spots.

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Highlights of Persia,From city to desert

Cultural sightseeings around Iran while experiencing desert entertainments

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Desert Tours

Explore the amazing deserts of Iran to experience a new lifestyle ,to know a new culture and to make a memorable trip with skilled tour guides who know the deserts well.

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Short Tours

Explore around Iran in a short time

4 Days in Qeshm,Hormuz and Hengam Islands

Discovering The unique Islands with warm people

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3 Days Discovering Hamadan and Taq Bostan

Natural and Cultural surfing in West of Iran

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Eco Tours

Touching the nature of Iran

2 Day Cycling Tour in Lavasanat

Mountain Bike from Tehran towards central Alborz

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Badab Soort to Churat Lake

Visit a Geological Phenomenon

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Ski Touring

Experience the excitement of skiing on Iran mountains

1 Day Ski Tour in Tochal Ski Resort

Ski Tour in North of Tehran

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Why Travel To Iran ?
Iran is one of the four season countries in the world with glorious mountains,rolling deserts,breathtaking coastlines and bushy forests.It is the land of history and architecture which includes millions of historical sites remained from Great Persian Empire and different dynasties.These natural and historical attractions absorb any eager traveler to come to Iran.All travelers of Iran can’t never forget great memories of warmth and hospitality of Iranians.Actually one of the attractions of Iran is its pleasant people who welcome tourists with open arms.Also,you can taste some delicious unique foods in every city of Iran,even if you are a vegetarian.You will amazingly face different types of people and culture in each corner of Iran.After leaving Iran you will have some handicrafts specially precious Persian rug which captures eyes with its fantastic combination of colors .So,don’t waste time,start planning to visit Iran and enjoy it.
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