Unesco World Heritage Site



Unesco World Heritage sites in Shiraz

A jounney to the deepest parts of the history of Persia Land


Persepolis(Unesco World Heritage Site)
Naghshe Rostam(Necropolis)
Persepolis Persepolis Naghshe rostam Naghshe rostam Pasargad
Travel Itinerary
Day 1 - Outside Shiraz

In this tour you will visit the most important Shiraz historical attractions.These 3 sites remained from the great civilization of Persia which shows you the great history of this country.The plan will be started from your hotel .The leader will come to pick you up and start the driving to Marvdasht 50 km out of Shiraz.The first point is Persepolis which was recognizes as a Unesco World Heritage site in 1979.This site is the remains from the capital of the Achaemenid Empire in 518 BC.The next point will be Naghshe Rostam which includes 4 rock tombs of 4 kings of Achaemenid Empire.Then we drive about 50 minutes to recieve the last point Pasargad which is the first capital of Achaemenid Empire was built by Cyrus the great in 6th century BC. At the end of the tour you will be dropped off in your hotel.

1 Person 2 - 3 Persons 3 - 5 Persons 5 - 10 Persons More than 10 persons Request
No Residence $ 110 $65 $55 $50 $35 Request Book
The rates are for Each person in different groups.
Transportation:Normal car(for 1 to 3 persons)-Toyota Van Hiace(for 3 to 10 persons)-Middle Bus(for more than 10 persons)
  • Touristy Vehicle
  • Tour Leader proficient in English
  • Overall cost of Entrance fees
  • Brunch included
  • Transfer from/to your hotel
  • Insurance fee
  • Lunch
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Unesco Heritage sites in Shiraz
Unesco World Heritage sites in Shiraz


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Sarah Laurma: It was a great experience with Iranista team.Thank you for all your supports.
14:39 18 September,2019 Sarah Laurma
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