Best hotels in Shiraz

Best Hotels in Shiraz

Are you planning to go to Iran? So, I promise you can’t miss visiting Shiraz, the birthplace of famous Persian poets and the cultural capital of Iran. Shiraz is a city of love and culture and by staying in this fabulous city, you can visit Persepolis and Pasargadae, the masterpieces of Persians Empire. Most of travelers spend at least 2 full days in Shiraz to visit the most important attractions of it. Anyway, if you decide to travel to Shiraz, you need to stay in a hotel. Iranista Hotels department prepare a list of best hotels in Shiraz according the travelers overviews during these years. Continue reading this article to know where to stay in Shiraz. Also, if you have any question, you can directly send an email to or text us via whatsapp : +98-990-3720-918.


Darb-e Shazdeh Botique Hotel

Address: Karimkhan Zand St, Shiraz

Darb-e Shazdeh Botique Hotel gained the first rank according Tripadvisor website reviews. Located in the historical part of Shiraz, Darbe Shazdeh is a charming boutique hotel that can capture your heart. Within walking distance of one of the most important historical sites of Shiraz Vakil Bazaar, the hotel is a perfect choice for curious tourists eager to discover the Iranian hospitality. Darbe Shazde boutique hotel consists of nine rooms, each different in style and design, overlooking an inner courtyard, which is essentially the heart of the hotel and a refuge from the afternoon sun. Each room has a unique Persian name which can make differences.



Zandiyeh Hotel

Address: Hejrat St, Shiraz

Zandiyeh Hotel is a Five-star Luxury Hotel in Shiraz built in 2015 and located just by Arg of Karimkhan in Hejrat Street. The hotel is just twenty minutes away from Shiraz International Airport. You can enjoy visiting all the historical sites of Shiraz and come home surrounded by luxury. In Zandiyeh Hotel, you get VIP treatment every night of your stay.

The hotel design depicts the rich architecture style of Shiraz and whole the spaces were designed artistically to provide the modern facilities for your stay. This property has a total of 6 floors and 72 rooms. There are two restaurants; one serves traditional Persian cuisine and the other for international dishes. They also have an elegant coffee shop and a peaceful garden to be relaxed at nights after a busy day.


Shiraz Grand Hotel

Address: Quran Sq, Shiraz

Shiraz Grand Hotel is situated in the heart of Shiraz, the cradle of Persian culture and architecture. This five-star luxury hotel, with 40,000 m2 area has 14 floors and is located in the vicinity of Holy Quran Gate and is close to the tourist attractions of Shiraz. You just need 10 minutes to receive the main historical sites of Shiraz from this grand hotel. The hotel welcomes guests with its luxurious rooms, a number of restaurants and coffee shops, laundry services, a travel agency, meeting and banquet rooms and a men's sports complex. The panorama view of the city from the sport center and the hotel’s restaurant is the favorite aspect of most guests of this nice hotel.

According reviews, Shiraz Grand Hotel ranked as the third hotel in Shiraz and is among the most-booked hotels list. The hotel is known as “1001 Nights” hotel among its guests and they believe that is the child-friendly hotel in Shiraz.



 Karimkhan Hotel

Address: Rudaki St, Shiraz

If you are looking for a newly-built hotel with a different architecture from other hotels in the center of Shiraz, Karim Khan Hotel is a great choice. This 3-satr hotel is located in Shiraz city center on Rudaki Street, and its convenient access to all parts of the city is one of the most important reasons for welcoming travelers and tourists who travel to Shiraz.

Karim Khan Hotel has 51 rooms and 108 beds, and its rooms are well equipped with modern facilities. You can find a variety of Iranian and traditional dishes in the restaurant menu of Karim Khan Hotel in Shiraz and treat yourself to the promise of delicious food in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere with lovely decoration. This hotel is in a good location in terms of access to Shiraz's attractions such as Karim Khan Citadel and Vakil Complex. The location of Karim Khan Hotel in Shiraz allows guests to easily access the important historical sites of Shiraz and the important shopping centers of Shiraz.



Elysee Botique Hotel

Address: Pezeshkan St, Moali Abad Blvd, Shiraz

Elysee Hotel as the first boutique hotel in Shiraz was chosen as the best hotel of Shiraz in 2018 and was selected by travelers’ opinions on Tripadvisor in 2019. The area is full of shopping centers and you can easily access Shiraz’s best shopping malls when you stay in Elysee Boutique hotel. You just need to walk 5 minutes to be in the nearest metro station. Also, you can visit Shiraz historical sites just by some minutes driving via highways. Calm atmosphere and nice architecture with a heartfelt service by the hotel's well-trained staff will evoke the same sense of "your own home".

Elysee Boutique Hotel has 68 rooms in the form of single, double and triple royal suites. All rooms were designed with modern furniture and all standard facilities. Also, Elysee hotel is highly recommended for business trips to Shiraz and for the companies who are looking for holding conferences and meetings in Shiraz.


Aryo Barzan Hotel

Address: Roodaki Street, Zand Avenue, Shiraz

It is not difficult to find a perfect family-friendly hotel in Shiraz. A convenient 20-minute ride from Shiraz Airport, Aryo Barzan Hotel locates in the heart of the central business district area of Shiraz and is just some minutes away from popular cultural attractions of Shiraz such as Arg of Karimkhan, Bazaar, Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bath.

This 4-star property has 5 floors and 51 comfortable rooms. The hotel provides a concierge and room service to make your stay more enjoyable. This hotel is suitable for the group travelers who come to Shiraz by bus or private cars. Being near to some important attractions of Shiraz like Eram Garden and Nasir al Mulk Mosque, makes Aryo Barzan hotel a good place to stay while you visiting Shiraz.



Chamran Hotel

Address: Chamran Blv, Shiraz

The tallest hotel in Iran’s capital of culture and history, located in the beautiful district of Ghasrodasht, with a breathtaking view of the city of Shiraz and the heavenly gardens in the vicinity, Chamran Grand Hotel has utilized the knowledge and the experience of the experts in hotelier and hospitality industry and has taken all the international standards for service quality into account, promising  a memorable stay in the heart of tranquility and serenity. This hotel has 25 floors with multiple restaurants and coffe shops. Also, there is a parking lot with the capacity to hold up to 40 vehicles.

Chamran Grand Hotel, as a luxury hotel is among the top five-star hotels in Iran and Shiraz is on top of the list of destinations for travel to Iran. So, if you want to visit Shiraz and stay in a great hotel, you can choose this hotel.



Setaregan Hotel

Address: Azadi Street, Gaz Square, Shiraz

Setaregan Hotel as a four-star hotel with different architecture and view is located in the northern part of Shiraz. For this reason, by staying in this hotel, you will enjoy clean and fresh weather.

The combination of tradition and modernity in this hotel has made you experience a quiet and different stay. The staff of Setaregan Hotel will welcome you with a warm smile and promise you a memorable stay in this hotel.

The rooms of Setargan Hotel in Shiraz, with a different decoration and the use of wood in the design of some of the rooms, have a pleasant and relaxing space and you will enjoy staying there. Its modern restaurant welcomes you with a variety of Iranian and international dishes, and the traditional restaurant of Setargan Hotel has a different world and has become very popular among tourists. In this restaurant, you can try all kinds of traditional Shiraz dishes such as Kalam polo Shirazi and Shirazi halva and other local dishes. Also, If you have an important conference or seminar in Shiraz and it is very important for you to be equipped with a hall, you can count on the conference hall of Setaregan Hotel.


Arg Hotel

Address: Takhti St, Shiraz

Arg Hotel is located in the center of Shiraz city, and its traditional facade is the first thing that catches your eyes. When you enter the hotel, the staff will welcome you warmly and the lobby decoration will let you feel relaxed. Arg Hotel has very clean rooms according the most guests’ reviews. The hotel has 64 accommodation units with various plans in the form of rooms and suites.

During your stay, you can use the hotel's restaurant and coffee shop and enjoy delicious and refreshing food and drink in a pleasant atmosphere. To see the view of the city, you can go to the roof of the hotel. The experienced staff of the hotel is ready to welcome you 24 hours a day. You can walk around the hotel and reach Karim Khani Citadel, Eram Garden, Vakil Bazaar, Hafez Tomb and Saadi Tomb just by a short walk. is always with you to advise you for booking the suitable hotels around Iran and make your stay a relaxing one. For being familiar with our other suggestions in Shiraz, you just need to go to Shiraz hotels page on our website and contact us for reservations.