Abouzeidabad desert

Abouzeidabad desert Kashan

Kashan is one of the most traditional cities in Iran which is the destination of many tourists annually.plenty of tourist attractions are located in Kashan that are close together, so you can visit most of them just in one day. In addition to, these historic places there are some natural beauties next to Kashan. Abuzeid Abad desert is the most famous one for desert touring and it is a four-hour drive from Tehran. In this unspoiled area you can enjoy from starry nights, smooth sands and even historical underground city named Ouyi.

Abuzeid Abad is a small city in Isfahan province and 30 Km out of Kashan city. It has 950 meter height from sea level. At a distance of 8 Km you can see the sandy hills if you want to see more outstanding and more dazzling dunes you should continue the desert path. By visiting the desert you can revel walking barefoot on pure sands and endless silence that you could not think of it. Hiking and enjoying of nature need just one day but if you have more time you can spend a couple of days in this area visiting Abyaneh (red village) historical castles and eastern which are located in the vicinity of desert.

Abuzeid Abad, Maranjab and Mesr desert are the most popular deserts for tourists in Iran but Abuzeid Abad is known as the capital of the dialects of Iran and it is more unsullied than others. These features make it more attractive and unique, so if you stay night-time, while enjoying from shiny sky with thousands of stars you can listen to local’s stories about past and rich culture and traditions in Abuzeid Abad around the fire which are really captivated.

Ouyi Underground City

Ouyi is one of the oldest underground cities in the world located under the city of Noush Abad 5 Km away from Kashan. This old city was built with only hands and no machines are used for digging. The history of the city goes back to Sassanian era before Islam came to Iran. Inhabitants made many underground canals to protect themselves in case of dangers and battles. When you see this endless maze you notice the creativity of ancient locals, and your imagination will be hired. The interesting point is, this wonderland was accidentally discovered by a native person who was digging his home to find water in 2005. It is worth visiting Ouyi on your way to Abuzeid Abad desert.


It is obvious that the first activity you shouldn’t miss is walking on the smooth sands and climbing on the sand dunes and enjoy an incredible landscape and relish the voice of silence in desert which are really peaceful. Of course, in desert you can do camel riding or take a safari trip on sands that are extremely exciting.Don’t forget to take beautiful pictures.    

If you stay in Abuzeid Abad for a night, you have a chance to observe the billions of stars with naked eyes and admire the majestic Milky Way galaxy and in the next morning you see the sunrise over the sand dunes which is really stunning.

In this dreamy world you have the combination of tranquility and excitement at the same time.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit deserts in Iran is in fall and winter (November to March) when the weather is cold enough to enjoy all parts of deserts.


There are eagles, sand foxes, snakes, rabbits and some other desert animals but there is not a dangerous part of wildlife so you should not worry if you follow the rules.

Tips you must consider:

For walking and hiking in desert you need light and comfortable shoes.

Bring warm cloths because desert has chilling nights.

It is better to have sunglasses, scarf and sunscreen and carry lots of water.

Never travel to deserts without guides and trustable GPS and try to stay in touch with the group.

If you want to stay in Abuzeid Abad desert you can accommodate in Safavi (Abuzeid Abad) caravanserai. It is a historical building with more than 400 years history.The other option which is newly built is Yaloo Hotel that was designed incredibly to let you feel safe in the heart of desert.

For more information,please don’t hesitate to contact IRANISTA travel experts to advise you.