Best hotels in Yazd

Best hotels in Yazd

Are you planning to travel to Yazd? Most of travelers who decide to visit Iran, have the name of Yazd city in their destinations list. Yazd, as the city of wind-catchers is one of the cities which is registered in the list of UNESCO World heritage sites. So, we suggest to not loose visiting this unique historic city with its hospitable people.

The first step for planning your trip to Yazd would be choosing your accommodation. We make a list of best hotels in Yazd to help you find your hotel easier. The list is prepared according the passengers’ views and feedbacks during past years. Also, we took a look at list of hotels and make sure that we are collecting the best ones.

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Parsian Safaieh Hotel Yazd

Address: Timsar Fallahi Ave, Yazd

Safaieh Hotel in Yazd, as a member of the chain of Parsian hotels, is the result of combining this ancient industry with modern architecture. If you are planning a different trip to Yazd and you want to stay in one of the best hotels in Yazd, do not miss Parsian Safaieh Hotel.

By booking Parsian Safaeieh Hotel in Yazd, in addition to enjoy staying in rooms with beautiful decoration, you can walk in the lush area of the hotel just in the heart of a desert city of Yazd. The hotel has a warm and intimate atmosphere and consists of several new and old buildings that have been tried to build the feeling and mood of the historical texture of Yazd. This five-star hotel has 196 accommodation units. You can enjoy watching the city with spectacular views by booking a room at Parsian Safaieh Hotel in Yazd.


Moshir al Mamalek Garden Hotel Yazd

Address: Enghelab Street, Moshir Blvd, Yazd

Moshir al Mamalek Garden hotel in Yazd is the first garden hotel which is located in the ancient garden belonged to Qajar era. If you choose it for your accommodation in Yazd, with no doubt you are in the tourist spot that gives you a sense of tranquility. You can see old trees, fountains, flowing creeks and ponds in this eye-catching garden and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.  In fact, these features make the hotel unique and distinguish it from other hotels in Yazd. You should know that the architecture of the hotel is unique too and all sections of it are adapted with desert climate. Colorful tiles, decorated ceilings, ornate walls are everywhere. Beside traditional architecture which recalls old days in the ancient of Iran there are modern facilities in accordance with international standard, every detail counts to make you feel at home. 


Shaarbaf Traditional Hotel Yazd

Address: Fahadan St,Near Alexander's Prison

The structure of Shaarbaf Hotel belongs to the Qajar period, which due to its special architecture and the existence of Sharabafi workshop, was purchased by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran and has been registered in the list of national monuments and after renovation and restoration has now become a residential complex. This hotel is situated in the old neighborhood of Fahadan, where many of Yazd attractions are located. Staying in this old house and exploring the historical neighborhood will give you a sense of freshness. 


Arg-e Jadid Hotel Yazd

Address: Mehravaran Park, Monajat Blv, shahidan Ashraf Blv, Safaiyeh, Yazd

Arg-e Jadid Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Yazd which was opened in 2015. It is on the edge of the city so, when you stay in this modern hotel, you find yourself in the most tranquil atmosphere which makes you calm and relax. It is in the vicinity of some ancient places and tourist sites such as Silence Tower, Shirkuh Mountains and Mirror and Lighting Museum.

Apart from tranquil atmosphere, you will be surprised by the unique architecture of the hotel. It is a combination of the tradition and modernism. Brick and thatch building and rooms as well as modern facilities are captivating. This luxury hotel offers its guests two restaurants serving delicious Persian and international dishes, an outdoor coffee shop which is on the roof of the hotel with eye-catching view even you can have your cup of tea in the cozy indoor café. If you want to visit Yazd, Arg E Jadid Hotel can be your best choice which is more than a four-star hotel.


Laleh Hotel Yazd

Address: Bassij Blv, Next to Golshan reservoir, Taal area, Yazd

The three-star Laleh Traditional Hotel Yazd is one of the best traditional hotels in Yazd which is located in the old texture of the city close to many must-see attractions of Yazd. You will have easy access to tourist spots IN Yazd and visiting them will not take much of your precious time, while you stay in this nice hotel. This cozy hotel ages back to Qajar era and due to this reason, you can feel the sense of tradition and can experience living in the past time which is something exciting and many visitors are into it.

The rooms are designed with Persian carpets and furnished with the best materials to satisfy all guests and give them a sense of comfort. Also, you can get relaxed in the beautiful yard of the hotel while enjoying a cup of tea.

Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Jame Mosque of Yazd and traditional bazaar are Yazd tourist attractions and historical sites close to the Laleh Hotel in Yazd.


Dad Hotel Yazd

Address: No.21, 10th  Farvardin St, Yazd

The four-star Dad hotel is a traditional hotel in central part of Yazd and was built in 1927. It had been under reconstruction and renovation for six years in accordance with Iranian architecture and international standards to become one of the most fascinating hotels in Yazd and it was reopened in 2007 to welcome guests. This lovely ancient building is in the vicinity of must-visit tourist attractions in Yazd like Jame Mosque of Yazd, the fire temple of Zoroastrians and Amir Chakhmaq square. Therefore, you have easy access to visit all important attractions of Yazd.

This luxury hotel offers 88 rooms in two floors which all of them are well-decorated with modern facilities that make you satisfied and make your stay longer. After a long day visiting different parts of the city, you can refresh yourself at the swimming pool and a sauna. Every detail counts to provide a comfortable stay for you in Dad Hotel. Don’t forget to try delicious Iranian and international food in the restaurant located on the top of the hotel. You will be captivated by the breath-taking view from there, while you have your dishes.


Fazeli Hotel Yazd

Address: Hosseinian alley, Jame mosque Street, Vaghtosaat Sq, Imam St. Yazd

3-star Fazeli Hotel is one of the newest traditional hotels in Yazd that was started to work as a residence in 2016. Perhaps Fazeli Hotel can be considered as the most historic hotel in Yazd because it was built during the Safavid period and was still used as a residential house until the Pahlavi era.

You can double the enjoyment of your stay in the historical land of the wind-catchers by staying in this nice hotel. Just close your eyes and imagine you are in a house belongs to a wealthy family in the heart of a historic city. The roof of Fazeli Hotel, which is used as a cafe and decorated with colorful umbrellas, has a beautiful view of the city of Yazd and Jame Mosque of Yazd and you can watch the desert sky at night while you are drinking traditional tea.



Kohan Traditional Hotel Yazd

Address: Imam St, Fahadan,Yazd

Kohan Traditional Hotel in Yazd is an old house with original Iranian architecture located in Fahadan neighborhood in the heart of Yazd, next to the Coin Museum. The long and old wind catchers of the house, along with its modern facilities, makes a mixture of tradition and modern space. The nice yard of this residence is covered with pink paper flower bushes and lush trees, and this beauty is a good space for photographing and recording beautiful moments in an ecolodge.

Kohan Traditional Hotel with 2 courtyards and 18 rooms, can host 40 passengers and make a memorable stay for those who are looking for the unique experience and feel so close to Iranians’ hospitality in a traditional house.


Fahadan Traditional Hotel Yazd

Address: Seyed Gol-e-Sorkh, Fahadan, Yazd

For tourists who are passionate about historical buildings yet luxurious and combines history, culture and excitement, The Fahadan Museum Hotel in Yazd is the right place. The four-star Fahadan Museum Hotel dates back to 250 years ago in the Qajar dynasty and it is known as Tehraniha houses because of the former owner. The Fahadan Museum Hotel in Yazd is the first national museum hotel in Iran.

Travelers who are into Persian architecture should visit Fahadan neighborhood which is full of icons and symbols of traditional human settlements, and they shouldn’t miss the luxury hotel located in the middle of Fahadan district as well.

This outstanding hotel consists of three courtyards including a main yard, Narenjestan and Kolah Pahlavi, a pavilion, three captivating wind catchers, a huge hall and a roof with a view of historic zone. While you have your dishes in the haute restaurant in the main yard, you can see some antiques and handicrafts which are available to be shown there. While you have your dishes in the haute restaurant in the main yard, you can see some antiques and handicrafts which are available to be shown there.


Mozaffar Traditional Hotel Yazd

Address: Seyed Gol-e-Sorkh, Fahadan, Yazd

The three-star Mozaffar Traditional Hotel is one of the most beautiful and unique hotels in Yazd located in the heart of the old city in the most peaceful and quiet quarters of the city of wind catchers.  Many of the popular landmarks are within walking distance from Mozaffar Hotel.

This fantastic hotel is a historical building which dates back to Qajar era and offers 19 well-decorated rooms. All rooms have special spaces that is like a small warehouse which is amazing and distinguishes Mozaffar Hotel from other hotels in Yazd.

The wooden arched windows, mud brick walls and lofty wind catchers are the magnificence of the Persian architecture that can be seen in this captivating hotel. If you are passionate about history, old culture and outstanding architecture, this hotel will be your best option and will make your trip to Iran more unforgettable.  In addition, there is a playground for children therefore, it can be great accommodation for families as well.