The lost paradise

The Lost Paradise of Shiraz, Bostanak Canyon

Province:Fars/141 km away from Shiraz

Address:Bostanak Canyon,Marvdasht to Kam Firuz Road,Fars Province

Best Time to visit: Spring

Alert:Animal Risk


The real name of this beautiful place is Bostanak Canyon which is now famous as “The Lost Paradise”.It is a beautiful valley dragged in eastern-western sides and is surrounded by vertical tall rocks.This breathtaking area ,full of dens tress and rivers ,is a protected area in Fars Province.You just need to take a taxi from Shiraz to go there or after visiting Pasargadae and Persepolis continue the way to receive the paradise.

The height of canyon is between 1700 to 2700 meters which brings the cool weather in hot days of the year.The area is a mountainous one covered by forests and offers cool winters and dry summers.

Bostanak Canyon-The Lost Paradise

The paradise is a suitable place for growing some trees such as squash,walnut ,oak and so many different plants.Also there are significant species of animals such as brown bear,European badger,weasel ,Wild cat,Wild goat,Brandt’s hedgehog,Caucasian squirrel,Mouse like Hamster,Rabbit,Fox,Jackal and boar,Wood pigeon,partridge and several kinds of birds of prey.

There is a unique lake behind the dam near the canyon which offers a freshwater for swimming in.

Bostanak Canyon some of the best place to visit in iran