Nasir al Molk Mosque

Nasir al Molk Mosque OR The Pink Mosque in Shiraz


Address:Lotfali Khan Zand St,Shiraz

Age:1888 Qajar era

Visiting Time:8 to 12:30 and 15 to 19 - Holidays: 8 to 11 and 16 to 18:30 –No visit at nights

Important parts to visit:Whole Mosque

Special Feature:Play of colors and light in coloured glasses.

The Nasir al Molk Mosque (Also known as Pink Mosque) is one of the most and popular historical sites in Gowd-e Araban district in Shiraz.The mosque is famous for its coloured glasses and its usage of considerable pink tiles in decoration.


This unique mosque was built during Qajar era(between 1876 to 1888) by the order of Mirza Hasan Ali(Nasir al Molk),a Qajar ruler.Mohamd Hasan-e Memar and Mohamadreza Kashi saz were the architectures of this wonderful construction.


This site includes mosques,houses,baths and water stations. You will first experience the passage entryway of the mosque. It has an enormous vaulted roof enriched with brilliant tiles. At the point when you enter the mosque you will see a huge pond in the patio. On the opposite side, you will watch two enormous wooden entryways, which is decorated with a nice poem on it.

Everything begins from the main hall. At the point when you go to the Nasir al-Molk Mosque Hall, you'll simply see its incredible magnificence.The mosque has two bedchambers(Shabestan),One for Summers and the other for winters. The summer shabestan is situated on the west side of the mosque and the eastern side of the mosque is a winter Shabestan.


You can watch the artistic paintings of blossoms and among a few refrains from the Quran by looking at the roof of the Western seraglio. The Qur'anic refrains and its Slavic plans on the high rise have increased the magnificence of the mosque. You will feel unwinding by observing turquoise tiles and marble floors on the special raised area.The tiled top of the eastern bedchambers is additionally fascinating.Seven basic columns are situated in this nave, and eight curves are situated before the patio that isolates the mosque from the yard. The curves are loaded with hued bloom roses.

Many travelers love to take beautiful pictures in this wonderful colourful mosque.You can try it too,but don’t forget to be there around 8 am to find it solitude.