Top Restaurants In Isfahan

Top Restaurants In Isfahan

Isfahan is known for so many historical and architectural attractions.If you travel to Isfahan,you want to eat in good restaurants too.We make a list of best restaurants in Isfahan according the tourists reviews.

Shahrzad Restaurant

Address: Abbas Abad St

Food Type:Persian,Middle Eestern

Shahrzad is one of the oldest and best restaurants in Isfahan which is popular among tourists.You can taste Persian foods in good quality in a restaurant with colorful traditional decoration while listening to beautiful traditional music.It locates in Abbas Abad Street near Hasht Behesht and Naghsh Jahan Square,so it would be a great idea to eat lunch after visiting these historical sites.


Hermes Café & Restaurant

Address: Jolfa Sq Avenue, Vank Cathedral St,East Nazar St

Food Type:Italian

Hermes is one of the most favourite restaurants for European tourists in Jolfa Street.It locates near Vank Cathedral and it is a good idea to have lunch there after visiting the cathedral and walking in Jolfa district which is a quiet area to walk around.The atmosphere is romantic and it is a relaxing place to eat food.


Ghasr Monshi Restaurant

Address: Neshat St,West Ghasr Monshi Alley

Food Type: Persian,Middle Eestern,Traditional,vegetarian friendly

This restaurant locates in Ghasr Monshi Historical residence.This house was belonged to one of the ministers of Qajar dynasty and then became a residence for tourists.The restaurants have different types of foods.Also,it provides some special food for vegeterians.


Azadegan Café & Restaurant(Azadegan Tea House)

Address: Chah Haj Mirza Alley,Emam Sq

Food Type: Persian,Cafe,vegetarian friendly

This restaurants is an old one which serves Iranian foods and traditional drinks.It locates in Gheysarie Bazar in Naghsh Jahan Square and the ceiling and walls are full of antique objects belonged to Safavid era.You can feel Old Iranian tea house atmosphere in this café.


Azam Beryani

Address: Kamal Ismail St,Next to the Gas station

Food Type: Persian,Traditional

Beryooni is the traditional food of Isfahan which is very popular.It is the combination of meat ,bread and vegetables.This Restaurant is one the most famous one which serves Beryooni in its original version.


Jarchi Bashi Restaurant

Address: Bagh Ghalandar ha Alley,Hakim St

Food Type: Persian,Middle Eastern

This restaurant was a traditional bathhouse belonged to Qajar era which was renewed and changed to a restaurant.The interior decoration is awesome and you can eat Persian foods in a nice atmosphere.


Arabo Sandwich

Address: Jolfa district,Vank Cathedral St

Food Type: Fast Food

It is an old Armenian Sandwich which locates in Jolfa Street near Vank Cathedral.Arabo serves good qualified fast food.It is a small shop but you will be satisfied with its foods.