Best Ski Resorts of Tehran

Best Ski Resorts of Tehran


Locating in the foothills of Alborz mountains,makes Tehran a suitable place for ski lovers.We introduce major ski resorts around Tehran in this article.Please pay attention the best time for skiing in Tehran starts from the end of autumn till end of winter.Some of the resorts are open till spring.


Dizin International Ski Resort

  • Good coaches to teach you how to ski: Available
  • Rent Equipments: Available
  • Skiing Time:November to April
  • Open to Public:All days in Winter,Iranian Weekends(Thursday & Friday) in Summer
  • Accomodation:Dizin Hotel,Chalets,Gajere Hotel


Dizin ski resort is the first Iran ski resort was recognized by FIS .It is the biggest and most popular ski resort in Iran.Its slope length is 18 km.It is also the most reputable one in Middle east. To get to Dizin Resort, you have to take Chalus road heading out of Tehran form the northwest of the city. It’ll be about 140 km ride and will last 3 hours to get here.

It is a great place for ski lovers for skiing and snowboarding.It is open from late November till the end of April.The resort includes 4 cable cars, 2 chair lifts, 9 button lifts and 1 t-bar lift (hammer lift).The altitudes of the lowest and highest point of resort are 2.650 & 3.600 meter.Also,there are 2 hotels(Dizin Hotel & Gajere Hotel),19 Chalets and 6 restaurants.

It has also offered the facilities for grass skiing from 1993 and it is open for this summer sport.



Shemshak International Ski Resort

  • Skiing Time:November to April
  • Accomodation:Barin Hotel,Shemshak Hotel


Shemshak Ski resort is the second International resort in Tehran,which was founded in 1958.It locates 60 km northeast of Tehran in Shemshak village.It is only 2 km away from Darbandsar ski resort. Fresh weather and being close to Tehran are the main reasons for many foreign and local skiers to choose Shemshak resort. Also,You will enjoy a memorable skiing till midnight thanks to the lightened spectacular scene.

There are 2 chair lifts,3 button lifts and 3 t-bars in this resort.Also there is no worry for night accommodation due to 2 hotels and 4 restaurants in Shemshak resort.The opening months are November till April.


Darbandsar International Ski Resort

  • Resort Type: Alpine
  • Board Leashes: Not required
  • Good coaches to teach you how to ski: Available
  • Skiing time: December to April
  • Open to Public: on weekdays
  • Accomodation:No


The newest ski resort in Tehran which is the only resort that is capable of snowmaking.It is located 60 km northeast of Tehran and was built by some retired professional skiers as a private company in 1982. The altitudes of the lowest and highest point of resort are 2.600 & 3.050 meter.

There are 2 chair lifts and 3 button lifts in this resort and the skiers go there between mid-December till mid-April.You can ski from Dizin to Darbandsar but for going back you need a car.Also,summer skiing is available in July at “Taltangeh” which is located in north of Darbandsar in Roudbar Ghasran district.

Some international leagues were held in Darbandsar ski resort under the supervision of FIS from 2008.

It is our suggested resort, If you want to enjoy skiing in a more private and the newer one.

Darbandsar ski resort


Tochal International Ski Resort Complex

  • Good coaches to teach you how to ski: Available
  • Rent Equipments: Available
  • Skiing Time:November to May
  • Open to Public:
  •  Accomodation:Tochal Hotel


The Tochal Ski resort is located at 7th station of Tochal Mount in Tehran .You can go to Velenjak district in north of Tehran to access the resort.The highest peak is 3.960m.It is a great option for both mountain climbers and skiers .There are 2 chair lifts and 1 button lifts for ski lovers to go up the mountain .Also,there is a nice hotel and restaurant there to stay.It has some other recreational facilities such as cable car,Cinema 5D,mountain coaster,zipline and escape cube.

Tochal ski resort is quite unique resort which is situated between two valleys, far from the crowded city of Tehran.It can be considered as one of the most peaceful ski resorts in Iran.Spending a night at Tochal resort hotel can be an extraordinary experience. At night, when the lights are turned on, a breathtaking panorama will be created.It is the most convenient ski resort for the ones who travel to Tehran.

Tochal ski resort


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