Isfahan handicrafts

Isfahan Handicrafts

When we talk about Iran’s art and architecture,Isfahan handicrafts play a significant role.The artistic people of Isfahan create unique objects which are great options as suvenirs.We list some important types of these handicrafts.



Persian carpets ,which are famous all over the world are unique suvenirs.Isfahan is one of the most important carpet weaving centers of Iran.Its carpets are known for the quality and designs.

isfaan carpet


Mina Kari(Metal Enameling/ Enamel-ware/Vitreous Enameling)

The word “Mina“is another form of Minoo in Persian which means heaven.Mina kari is the art of painting Persian themes on pounded metal vases ,plates,jars,… .The Persian artists of Sasanid era invented this unique art and then it was exported to other countries such as India.

mina kari


Khatam Kari(Inlaid work)

Khatam kari is another unique art remained from Safavid era which is done by professional wooden artists.They bring thousand parts of tiny woods together to create a magnificent handicrafts.

khatam kari


Ghalam Zani(Metal Engraving)

Ghalam zani is an ancient Persian art which engraves on metals objects .This work will be done on different types of metals such as gold,silver,copper,brass and the other ones.

ghalam zani


Firoozeh Koobi(Turquoise Inlaying)

Turquoise is one of the persian precious stones came from Neyshabur.This art was invented by Mashhdi people but culminated in Isfahan.To make a glamorous view for copper vases,they inlay tiny turquoise stones on them.

firoozeh koobi

Tile Work(Glazed Brick)

Tile work is one of the oldest arts in Isafahn. The history of this art goes back to prehistoric period .For being sure,you can take a look at Isfahan mosques which had been tiled artistically.Shah(Imam)Mosque is one of the greatest examples of Iranian tile working.These days you can buy some small tiles which are handmade in handicrafts shops in Isfahan.